Abnormality “Mechanisms of Omniscience”


Although Abnormality was formed in 2005, they waited for five years till they were ready to release their 1st EP ‘’The Collective Calm in Mortal Oblivion’’ and from there they exploded. 2012 witnessed the release of their debut album ‘’Contaminating the Hive Mind’’ that was followed 4 years later by their 2nd record that we will be reviewing today ‘’Mechanisms of Omniscience’’.


Mechanisms of Omniscience was released at the beginning of 2016 via Metal Blade Records and it directly went to my records of the year list. It combines technical riffs with some old school patterns and tempos in a catchy way that’s not very common with technical death metal bands, the vocals are pretty brutal and perfectly suits the music without overshadowing it and the lyrics are striking some of the modern world’s most controversial topics.

The record starts heavily with ”Swarm” that hits you in the face with a brutal riff right at its start. ”Swarm” simply sums up what this record is all about, brutal, technical riffs with amazing blasting drum lines topped with brutal vocals by Malikah that suits the music perfectly but does not overshadow it forming a great balance. Next comes ”Synthetic Pathogenesis” that’s alongside track no.6 ‘’Irreversible’’ bring Abnormality’s ability of unleashing brutality through changing time signatures and tempos. Both tracks act like the missing link between technical death metal and Abnormality’s roots and influences in old school death metal, mixing technical and complicated riffs with undeniable groovy ones giving you the whole package. The title track ‘’Mechanisms of Omniscience’’ starts directly with Malikah throwing her attacking, brutal vocal at you with some REAL LYRICS:

‘’Deception reigns the world over
Wrapped in the chains of new world order
Trapped in a cage designed for mind erosion
With perfect slaves who obey their owners’’

     1-“Mechanisms of Omniscience’’ and track no.5 “Vigilant Ignorance’’ both have the best and catchiest choruses on the record and my personal favorite lyrics. The solos on these 2 tracks bring some melody to this war machine which is highly appreciated. The instrumental tracks ”Catalyst of Metamorphosis” and ”Assimilation” were smartly placed to give you a chance to catch your breath and build anticipation of what’s coming after. As you dig deeper into the record you realise that one of its strongest points is those killer drum lines. This appears clearly in ‘’Hopeless Masses’’combined with a small but effective melodic touch. Moving forward and after the anticipation built by ‘’Assimilation’’ comes ‘’Cymatic Hallucinations’’ and ‘’Consuming Infinity’’ and I would like to focus on the latter. “’Consuming Infinity’’ is a great choice for the record’s outro, the opening riff is slow but brutal, the drummer is going machine gun blasting and the fading double pedal work with Malikah’s screams will make you play the record all over again.

Mechanisms of Omniscience is one solid record in Abnormality’s journey that might take you sometime to digest but once you did, you will keep on visiting it over and over again. My only complain about it is that sometimes through the record you feel like the vocals are buried under a lot of riffs in the mix, this appeared clearly to me in ”Synthetic Pathogenesis” where you feel like it needs some space to breathe and be heard clearly. With all being said I would rate it 7.5/10 and I believe their next record would go way higher. – Hazem Mahani