Brazilian Speed Force collision with the Ancient Land: an Interview with Noturnalls Thiago Bianchi

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 – Please tell us about yourself, What instruments do you play, what bands have you  played in and  what projects did you produce?

TB – Well… My name is Thiago Bianchi and I’m the singer for the Brazilian band of Heavy Metal, NOTURNALL.

I’ve started with a Prog Band that Hit big in Japan Called Karma and from where great musicians came from, such as Felipe Andreoli to Angra and Chico Dehira to Paul Dianno (Ex- Iron Maiden).

For my 2nd band, I’ve entered on the most famous Power Metal band of my Country, SHAMAN.

But the thing that really got me famous here is because I’m one the few singers in the world that broke a wine glass only with the voice and this was registered at the biggest tv show of Brazil, making me really famous from day to night!

I’m also son of a very famous singer of Brazilian Popular Music, who’ve won a lot of Festivals here and became one of the most famous voices of Brazil.

I’m also owner of one of the most important Studios from Brazil, Called FUSÃO VM&T STUDIOs and I’ve produced great names from the Metal Scene World Wide such as: Noturnall, Kiko Loureiro, Angra, Timo Tolkki, Russell Allen, Michael Kiske, James Labrie, and many others…


 – We heard you came to Egypt? what was the purpose of your trip ?

TB – Well… what can I say… Egypt is a dream to almost everyone in the Occident to visit… especially if you’re metal head that was enchanted by the brilliant Powerslave cover!

So Egypt was on my destines dream since I can remember…

Take all this and put it together with our love for the Aliens 👽 stuff and my kid’s love for Indiana Jones… well.. there you have it!



 – What was the best thing about the trip and your experience ?

TB – Ohhhh… Everything!

What a great, great country you got there!

Everything is magic and so profound!

We just can’t wait to comeback!

But a greatest part for sure I’d say it was to discover that Noturnall has a lot of fans there!

This because of the fact that a friend in comum called Thammer Brazily, came with the great Idea of me doing a Workshop there at a Big School of music.

They had just one day to organize it and even so the event was a huge success!

For me it was, hands down, the best part of the trip!


 – Which places did you visit in Egypt?

TB – Well… the most famous ones, I think…

Abusimbel, Valley of the Kings, Hasput Temple, Luxor, Aswan, Karnak, Ramses 2, Nilo River, Philay Temple, Hatshepsuit Temple, Horus Temple, EdFul Temple… well… a looooot of places… it’s the most beautiful country that I ever been and I hope to see you guys again pretty soon!!!


 – Tell us about your workshop in Cairo

TB – It was very shot notice but even so it was quite lovely!

It was totally packed and better than that it was the kind of people that were there… Great guys, with great questions! Metal heads of the best quality with the best hearts… Well… We just can’t wait to comeback with the entire band and do the best concerts of our lives there!

You can count with us for that!


– What did you hear about the Egyptian Metal Scene?
TB – Well… nobody knows what’s real about the Orient. This is something that occur in every aspect of this particular area.. Is just a too closed place.

So, to be honest we didn’t know anything! The only thing we know for sure is that WE MUST PLAY THERE!



 – You have heard what happened with the Sepultura concert, how it make you feel?

TB – To be totally honest with you, here in Brazil we never knew what really happened to them there, we just knew that they couldn’t play.

But later on, when I was there people told me what happened…

Well… What can I say… its totally bummer…

We really, really wish that the world could understand that music is about to unit people, not pull them apart.

Again, I wish NOTURNALL has the chance to play there and come back with great histories to Brazil about this beautiful country and help many others to follow the same path and take even more bands to also play there!