Saturnus – Veronika Decides to die

Your Melodic Doom/Death handbook.

In my opinion “Saturnus” are considered one of  the greatest Melodic Doom/Death bands in the world, they truly reflect the sound of this genre in a theatrical view, where you live their tracks, breath it in and growl it out in your room or while you walk the streets listening to their art, their music is really profound and it hits you right in your soul, starting from “Paradise belongs to you” all the way to “Saturn in Ascension”. And I believe they hit the peak in their third full length album “Veronika Decides to Die”.

The Danish Melodic Doom/Death band “Saturnus” were able to really bring it after a six years long absence, ever since their 2000 album “Martyr”. Once the first track of the album “I Long” kicks in. It instantly captures you and moves you to another planet “Saturn”, if you will.  The music gives you this enchanted bitterness within your heart where you feel you’ve lost everything and there’s no turning back. With no introductions, “Pretend” drives in and the madness begins, when you feel that “Thomas” speaks through you, and you are the character in the song, living the pains and the sufferings of the track, and no one can forget “Descending” and “Rain wash me”. Where the instruments really shine and the band members start showing you what they got. And of course the milk and honey of the album “All Alone”. Where we need days and weeks to describe how simply perfect this track is, then “Saturnus” finalized their album by the three amazingEmbraced by Darkness”, “To The Dreams” and “Murky Waters”, where you see an authentic doom music mixing with a – Saturnus – touch.

I would just like to point out that the outro for “To The Dreams” is one of the best outros in Doom Metal history from my point of view.

To sum it up “Saturnus”, and especially “Veronkia Decides to die”. Is considered a 59:20 minutes of epic greatness. In them you experience this weird mixed feelings of anger, sorrow and surrender, above all of that; the mixture of a very deep growl, agonized vocals and spoken voices. This wonderful atmosphere has made “Thomas” excel and outdo himself. the harmony within the band member is well shown in their album work where the riffs, drums, piano and vocals complete each other to bring out this divine masterpiece that they call “Veronika decides to die”. A name driven from the amazing Brazilian writer Paulo Coelho‘s novel.